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Women’s Only Retreat Fall 2024

Women’s Only Retreat 

Postponed Fall 2024

Unplug and unwind at our Women’s Retreat, a blissful two-night, Three-Day Getaway. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings at the serene Away Cabins and bond with like-minded women over Bon Fire and a shared space of the entire property. Nurture your body and soul with a Yoga flow and a Relaxing Facial, escape on a Sunrise Kayaking experience, Soak in the Hot Tub, and Indulge in a mesmerizing Grand Sunset Dinner. Leave feeling refreshed and inspired, with new connections and lasting memories.

About the Hosts:

Zaheee22 Content Creator/Pr Marketing.Mom of 3-Loves fashion,food and travel.

Jamila A-balushi: Interior Designer & Content Creator. A Mama of 3 – Loves to connect with Nature, Fashion, Food (Plant-based), Event planning and Building connections along the way. Jamila was key in bringing this event to life together starting with the vision.

Elevate Your Practice: Advanced

Yoga Retreat

Led by Jason Lu – Co-founder and Director of Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Tree Studios

Sept 21-23

Join us for a blissful three-day yoga retreat nestled on the serene shores of Rice Lake, 1.5 hours away from Toronto. Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation as we explore the blockage’s specialty yoga classes amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the lake, led by Director of Yoga Teacher Training Jason Lu.

Mornings will greet you with the gentle rustling of leaves and tranquil waters, setting the scene for our invigorating sunrise yoga sessions. Our specialty classes include “Strength in Balance,” where we focus on mastering yoga flow with an emphasis on arm balances, and “Hip Alchemy,” a transformative practice to enhance your flexibility and release tension.

In addition, we offer an exclusive “Advanced Asana Sequencing Workshop,” where you’ll receive personalized guidance to create your own unique yoga sequences to continue the practice once you return home.

Allow the natural surroundings to soothe your soul, while our expert instructors guide you towards a deeper connection with your body and spirit. Come, join us on this enriching journey towards balance, flexibility, and self-discovery at Rice Lake, Ontario. It’s a retreat you won’t want to miss!

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Nourish Your Soul Retreat

Led by Melinda – Senior Teacher

October 1-3 

As we welcome the Autumn Equinox, we are reminded that this season holds a slower pace, a time of inward stillness and an invitation to surrender. The leaves fluttering to the ground remind us that natures cycles are mirrored in our lives. Autumn is a time if letting go and releasing things that no longer serve us. It is also a time of harvest – in this season we reap what we have sown.

We invite you to find comfort in our lakeside escape as we retreat into a new season with renewed optimism, peaceful introspection and creative expression through a series of guided yoga classes PLUS a special 1.5hr workshop that includes mindful movement, mediation, crystal bowl sound bath and bracelet making using all natural high vibration crystals.

Join Melinda in a tranquil retreat to reconnect with yourself. Learn about mindful movement, meditation and setting intentions by making bracelets by connecting mala beads.

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Lookout Cabin

Oak Cabin

Studio Cabin Rates

2 Bedroom Cabin Rates

Boathouse Cabin

Lakehouse Cabin

What’s Included

Have you heard? Yoga Tree has partnered with Away Cabins to bring you some incredible autumn retreats.

Featuring carefully crafted programs to nourish your soul, enhance your understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), or take your practice to the next level.

Stay in newly open AWAY CABINS in Nordic inspired cabins nestled amongst nature, limited spots are available.

This serene retreat promises to be a transformative experience, designed to deepen your practice, foster connections with like-minded individuals, and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

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Stories of Canada

The name “Canada” is based on the Huron-Iroquois word Kanata, which means “village.”  Deepen your traditional knowledge by visiting the Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre, it is one of the only First Nation-owned and operated Cultural Centres in Ontario. The centre is a source of knowledge dedicated to keeping Traditions and Ceremonies alive within the community.

Venture to the Whetung Ojibwa Centre just next door for a stunning display of indigenous handicrafts, including fine art, jewelry, moccasins, sculptures, and more, crafted by artists from the Curve Lake First Nation and across Canada.

Get ready for a brand-new, state-of-the-art experience as you visit the Canadian Canoe Museum, set to reopen in summer 2023. This museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating Canada’s rich cultural heritage and canoeing stories.

Head to the Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna for an outdoor adventure. This stunning area is home to various rare plants and animals and features a 3 km trail system that takes you through diverse habitats and ecological restoration efforts. Guided tours lasting one hour are available to help you understand the efforts to protect the largest native grassland in central Ontario.